Recreational Cycling Program

Don't live around Portland? Just want to train on your own? STRADA has the perfect training options for you.

Take on the road to a great cycling season with a good solid plan that will give you strength in the saddle, endurance for a season of cycling events and confidence on your bike. Choose from a 20-week cycling plan that will guide you through daily mileage and cycling drills or try a custom built program that's built like a custom bike - just to fit you. Whichever you choose, you'll get a training plan to make 20012 your best cycling year to date!

Need a little guidance on what to do? This training program will give you a plan to put the wheels in motion. Designed with this year's Cycle Oregon route in mind we offer three different 20-week training programs which will outline your riding by day giving you the training plan you need for the road. Programs include training plan outline, mileage and drills. Choose your program based on your cycling level and get to work!

Recreational Rider: 15-18 mph average / seasoned cyclists

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